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Last Updated: Dec. 13th, 2019 6:30 AM

Hi everyone! Welcome to use my website, my blog and my YouTube Channel!

I care about your privacy, your privacy safety is my responsibility.

In order to protect your privacy and keep your privacy safe, I made this policy to let everyone know about my privacy usage. This policy describes my privacy usage and how I protect your privacy.

1. What information I will collect (and why I collect them)?

I may collect some personal information to improve my service.

  1. Your real name (for anti-spam requirement)
  2. Your email address (for subscriptions of my articles and contacts)
  3. Your phone number (According to China Internet Security Act, users register an account MUST verify your phone number)
  4. Your IP address (for anti-spam requirement)
  5. Your comments (for anti-spam requirement)
  6. The reading/watching time/length for blog articles and YouTube videos. (for my analytics)
  7. Your situations (for my analytics and giving you suggestions, only collect when you send it)

2. When I collect your Information?

I will collect your information mentioned above when you are using my services, include (i) visiting my personal website. (ii) using my app. (iii) creating your account in my services.

3. What information I will not collect?

I will strictly not collect your private information unless the law requires (e. g. your ID Card Number, your real address).

  1. Your ID Card Number
  2. Your real address
  3. Your credit/debit card password
  4. Your device model name
  5. Your browser’s favourites bar (e. g. www.google.com, www.bing.com, www.kendeng1603.com)
  6. Your screen
  7. Your device password
  8. Your browser version (e. g. Internet Explorer 6)
  9. Your browser language (e. g. English, Spanish, Chinese-Simplified)
  10. Your Cookies

4. What information I will share?

I never share your personal information without your permission unless the law requires.

Your real name will be shared in comments to every reader.

My website uses Cookies to improve my service, let you have a better experience, browse my website better and safely, even for the anti-spam requirement.

I never collect or share your Cookies. You can delete or block any Cookies. You need to know, blocking all Cookies may cause my service doesn’t work normally to you.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are the small file that can store some information in your browser.

For example, in major Internet services, when you log in to your account, it will store a Cookie in your browser about your encrypted login information, so you will not need to log in again for the next time you use it.

6. Privacy Safety and Encryption

My website uses HTTPS and SSL Certificate so your data will be always encrypted, you can feel free to use my website. For your safety, you can add https:// as the prefix of the web address (e. g. https://www.kendeng1603.com).

If you see ‘Not Secure’, ‘Certificate Error’, ‘Invalid Certificate’ or ‘Privacy Error’ in the browser’s address bar while you are using my website, please contact me immediately to let me fix the problem and keep everyone’s privacy safe.

All of my collected information will be stored and encrypted in my server.

7. What information will I read from my server? (human reading)

I will read all of your comments for replying and anti-spam requirement.

When I replying your messages, I will read your real name and your email address for sending an email.

I may read the reading/watching time/period to make statistics. It can be caused by my school’s questionnaire homework or other tasks that use real data.

8. How I process with your data?

I have my own anti-spam service, so don’t worry about your data and third-party anti-spam services.

If you have an account or you have left comments on my website, my server and I will use your data for analytics to let you have a better experience when using my services.

9. How long do I keep your data?

I may keep some data on my server for anti-spam requirements, for my analytics, or for subscriptions.

I will keep your data up to 1.5 years (18 months) on my server except for the following data: (i) your subscription email address. (ii) your account and its password. (iii) your comments. (iv) my analytics data.

10. Logs

My server and I will strictly not keep any activity logs. The logs will be deleted every single day.

I have made this policy in accordance with the Europe GDPR.

I may make changes to this policy anytime with obeying the laws. (GDPR)

Sometimes, I may collect your private information when the law requires. The information collected by law requirements will be stored and encrypted in my server for at least 15 days if the laws don’t have special requirements for controlling the information.

For example, according to the China Internet Security Act, users register an account MUST verify your phone number.

12. About This Policy

I will protect your privacy by following my policy.

Please make supervise together, if you found I violate the policy and infringe your privacy, please let me know and I will make a correction.

This is my personal website, I have the rights to control your data. If you have any questions, please contact me.

The Right of Final Interpretation of this policy belongs to me.