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About Me

Hi! I am Ken, a Chinese Junior High Student YouTuber from Class 3 Grade 9, International Section, Phoenix City International School. I am good at Mathematics, English, Physics and Computer. I am 15 years old. I live in Phoenix City, Guangzhou, China. I speak English and Chinese. I hope you can enjoy my blog!

More About Me
Computer Programming 99%
Mathematics 98%
English 85%

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Are you a low score student? Are you experiencing any difficulties while studying? Don’t worry! I’m here to help you!

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If there are some problems with your computer and you can’t solve by yourself, don’t worry, I will help you to solve your problems patiently.

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I am a YouTuber

I am a Chinese junior high student YouTuber. These are my YouTube videos and you can watch them here. You also can subscribe to my personal YouTube channel if you want.

Preparations after 2020 Winter Vacation and Back to School

The winter vacation is coming to the end and the new semester will start soon. I am going to make some preparations after the winter vacation for the new semester and go back to my school...

My Daily GOALS and STUDY PLAN in 2020 | How I get BETTER SCORE in a SHORT TIME?

Last semester in grade 9, I have got excellent scores during the mid-semester exam. I have got a full mark for mathematics that is 150 points, and the first rank in my class for mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer. Also, I have entered the top 10 for the exam in the whole grade...

How to Study Faster and Effectively at Home?

Unfortunately, I am not able to go out of my home, so I have to stay at home and study all day. I am not boring, and I have 8 ways to study faster and effectively at home in order to study at a fast speed.
This is my 8 ways to study faster and effectively at home. I hope you can study faster and effectively at home with my suggestions.

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Ken Deng



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