Hi! My name is Ken. I am a Chinese Junior High Student YouTuber from Class 3 Grade 8, International Section, Phoenix City International School. I live in Phoenix City, Guangzhou, China. I am good at English and Physics. I speak English and Chinese. I am from China. My English spelling...

More About Me
HTML / JavaScript/ CSS 98%
Photoshop / Premiere Pro 90%
English 85%

My Virtual Careers help me Study Better


I have my YouTube channel. I often record and post my videos on YouTube to...


I usually write articles on my blog to share my useful articles (e. g. Tutorials,...


I have strong computer skills. I can make computer programs and apps using the programming...

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What’s New in my Website?

Recently, I added some new features in my website for keeping my website safe and improving your browsing experience. 1. reCAPTCHA I added Google's reCAPTCHA...