Hi there! Welcome to Ken’s study strategy blog! Today I am going to talk about the usage of my study strategy in all of my courses.

Recently, I have paused schooling and started the full-day curriculum that becomes an alternative school in order to prepare for the exam coming soon faster.

I was attending the weekly course of the preparation every Sunday while I am having my school’s online lessons at home a few weeks ago.

By starting the courses, I cannot adapt to them because they are very difficult. The school semester will start on Apr. 27th, 2020. However, I will continue to attend lessons in the alternative school instead of going back to my school.

I am going to apply my study strategy to the difficult full-day courses. Let’s get started!

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What is my Full-day Course?

In order to prepare for an exam coming soon faster, I have attended the full-day course of the extra curriculum.

I have already attended it during the winter vacation, and I have to remember at least 100 new English words every single day.

After the vacation ends, it provides 2 kinds of courses that are full-day and weekly courses respectively.

I have chosen the weekly course firstly that happens every Sunday. Then I have transferred to the full-day one, which requires pausing schooling.

You can see my new schedule to learn more about my daily life during the period of preparing for the exam.


My Study Strategy and my Courses

Since September 2019 after I had come back from the United Kingdom summer camp, I have made my own study strategy. Then there was a significant increase in the scores in my school.

Also, I have got an outstanding award in a programming competition, which is the result of studying hard.

I usually take notes carefully during the lesson, ask teachers if I can’t understand, usually chat with my classmates, do the homework actively, and apply the knowledge I have learned in real-life.

I have applied my study strategy to my school courses and some interesting curricula (Aipei English and TCTM Programming).

However, I haven’t applied it to the extra curriculum about preparing for the exam coming soon, just listen carefully, take notes, and finish homework.

Using my Strategy to the Extra Course

The extra curriculum has a weekly quiz. The score becomes lower and lower so my teachers have criticized me. That’s a pity.

Then, I found the problem about I have got low scores that is I haven’t applied my study strategy on it.

So, I have taken 1-3 days in order to apply my excellent study strategy to it. I also usually take and review notes, ask questions, and finish homework actively.

Have you Used your Study Strategy to All of your Courses?

If you have your own study strategy that can help you to study better, you should use it in all of your courses.

You now can check whether you have used your study strategy in all of your courses or not. If not, take several days and try to use it.

Without the help from your study strategy to one of your course, you would get lower scores on it.

This is an article about the usage of my study strategy in all of my courses. I hope you can study better with my useful tips!


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  1. Great article! I think it’s important to have a strategy that works best for you. There’s a lot of information out there on how to do this, but if it doesn’t work for you personally then it’s pointless.
    Your shelf is so organized! Good job!


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