Oh yeah! I arrived at United Kingdom! My UK journey is started right now!

I arrived there on Aug. 5th, 2019 2:30 AM (GMT +8, China Standard Time), so I am very tired and I need to sleep to get enough spirits for there next day.

In order to improve and practice my English, My blog articles in the United Kingdom will not be translated to Chinese, include this article.

I am going to learn Python programming language

The main thing I go to the United Kingdom is learning a new programming language: Python. We also use it for the Minecraft game.

# I am going to learn a new programming language: Python.
print("Hello Python! Hello World! \n");

I will temporarily use British English instead of American English

UK uses British English, but I usually use American English. There are some differences between American English and British English.

I will use British English while I am in the UK to make sure I can understand other’s language.

Also, I am going to collect at least 150 English words

I am in the UK, so I got a chance to practice English. There are millions of English words, I’d like to collect them as I can.

Last year in Chicago, United States, I only collected 25 new English words.

You can see the words I collected in my Quizlet.


I hope I can have a successful journey in the UK, and practice English as I can.



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