On May 3rd, 2019, I made our Mini Project with my classmates in the Traffic Center, 凤凰城.

Mini Project is a group work, so I have to make it with my classmates together. Look at my schedule, my study tasks are very busy, I don’t have time to do with my classmates. May 3rd is the best time to do this and we need to hand in the work to the teacher soon.

There was a parent meeting on May. 17th, 2019. We have shown the project that day.




What is Mini Project?

In grade 9, we have to do the community project for several months.


I am currently at grade 8. My teacher is going to let us to do the mini project to practice our ability to do the community project in grade 9.




Where are my groups doing this?

We made the project in a store at Traffic Center, 凤凰城 because different classmates are from different places in Phoenix City. We need to gather there.



I like doing the community project

I like doing the community project because it can make our life better and let people know some new truth.



In order to promote the community project items, the students in grade 9 usually create the WeChat Public Subscription Account and publish some articles about this. If I do the community project, I will open my WeChat Public Subscription Account and a website.


Learn more / 了解更多

The problem I found right now

Right now, I found some problems, so I want to choose the theme about this:

  1. In the subway, when the door-closing warning light above the door flashes or the warning bell rings, people still board or exit the train by force, even forbid the door closes.
  2. When the computer not responding, people usually knock the mouse or keyboard by force.


  1. 在地铁上,当车门上方的关门警示灯闪烁或警示铃声响时,人们依然强行上下车,甚至阻碍车门关闭。
  2. 当电脑没响应时,人们用力敲键盘或鼠标。

The theme I am going to choose

I have some themes I want to choose for the grade 9:

  1. Riding the subway safely.
  2. People should be patient. Better stop three points than one second.
  3. Backup the data is very important.


  1. 安全乘坐地铁。
  2. 做人要有耐心。宁停三分,不抢一秒。
  3. 备份数据很重要。

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