I have my YouTube channel. I often record and post my videos on YouTube to share my vlogs. I am a blogger, also a vlogger (YouTuber).

My YouTube videos are about Teaching foreigners to use Chinese things, study, tutorials, etc. They are similar to my text blog.

Also, I embed some of my YouTube videos into my website and my text blog to let the audience watch my video directly and conveniently.

The first reason of I started my YouTube channel is there are so many travelers on YouTube. I want to donate them via Patreon but I can’t, because of payment issue. I only can do this to pay back their hard-working. Then I think to be a YouTuber can improve my English speaking ability and attract some foreigners to come to Guangzhou.

Since my English extra class started in September 2018, I met my classmates that have been subscribed my YouTube Channel and talked about the issues on YouTube.

Since January 1st, 2019, I started to make friends with YouTubers.

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