Welcome to my New Study Strategy!

My newest Study Strategy v3 helps me to study better. It has a “More Freedom, Less Pressure” principle, that means I will get more freedom and less pressure if I obey all of my rules.

Unfortunately, the point system is not started now. So now I use my new study strategy without points and I need to obey them consciously.

My Rules

I made some rules for my Study Strategy, you can view them.

About my Study Strategy

I created my Study Strategy v2 after I come back home after the English Spelling Bee Competition in Beijing, China to let me study better.

Study Strategy v2 was started after September 1, 2019, without point because the point system hasn’t made.


After that, I created my Study Strategy v3 to let me study better and better. It has the following updates:

  1. Study Places
  2. Virtual Careers
  3. Anti-mischief Rules

It will start since October 27, 2019. My rules will be shown once it is started.

It contains the following rules:

  1. Point Rules
  2. Study and Project Rules
  3. Additional Studying Plan Rules
  4. Studying Place Rules
  5. Virtual Career Rules
  6. Travelling Rules
  7. Anti-mischief Rules
  8. Self-management and Body Rules
  9. Social and Internet Rules
  10. Facilities and Equipment Rules
  11. Privacy Protection Rules