What’s New in my Website?

Recently, I added some new features in my website for keeping my website safe and improving your browsing experience.


I added Google’s reCAPTCHA to reduce spambots, because there are too many spam comments in my website and they have been deleted by my automated anti-spam system: Akismet.

When you comment, send messages or view my personal information, you need to solve the reCAPTCHA.

I have programming ability and I can write code with programming languages (e. g. HTML, JavaScript, Python, C++). View my Skills

You will see a reCAPTCHA tick box like this when you visit my personal information (e. g. my CV).

Note: If you are in China and the reCAPTCHA widgets are not shown, don’t be hesitant to contact me.

2. Live Chat

I added a Live Chat feature which has provided by Purechat to let the viewers chat with me conveniently if they have some questions.

You can start a live chat by clicking the ‘Chat with Me’ banner at the bottom-right corner on my website.

3. New Domain Email System

I updated my email system on my website, you can send your email to me by using my domain.

Different email on my domain are used for different purposes.

Email Address Purpose
[email protected] Get help and support
[email protected] Contact me or send your messages to me
[email protected] Report my bugs, abuse behaviors, etc.
[email protected] My Blog Subscription Campaign (Do not reply to the campaign email)

Feel free to contact me! There is no penalty for sending your email to the incorrect address above. For example, a viewer sends his message about his questions to [email protected] But sending spam messages are prohibited.

4. New Email Campaign

I started to use a new email campaign design for my blog’s subscribers. It is provided by Omnisend. It works together with my new domain email system.

I used Mailchimp previously, but it only can manage 2,000 subscribers, so I used WordPress’s Email System.

If you want to subscribe to my blog, you can subscribe at the pop-up window or the subscribe widget on the sidebar.

5. Bilingual Mode between English and Chinese-Simplified

I am going to give an opportunity to foreigners in China to practice Chinese, so I made my website bilingual between English and Chinese-Simplified. You can change the language at the top of my website.

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