As I am a grade-9 junior high student, my daily studying tasks are heavier than a bookshelf that has hundreds of books. I need to take time to study, chat with my friends, recite new English words, write my blog, record my YouTube videos, and so on.

Recently, I got a full mark (150/150 points) on my mathematics min-semester exam. It is an excellent score! I also got the first rank in my class for my mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer score, and total score for all discipline.

Do you know how I study better and get better results? It is secret! Now, I am going to share my ways to study better.

I have some ways to study better, such as English Word Board, Useful Studying Apps, Sticking Signs in my Bedroom, Planning for every day, Setting and Trying to Achieve Daily Goals, etc.

Daily Goals

I have been set some daily goals to force me to do studying things and study better.

  1. Read books for at least 30 minutes.
  2. Walk at least 7,500 steps.
  3. Speak at least 1 English sentence.
  4. Remember at least 25 English words.
  5. Chat with at least 1 friend.
  6. Collect at least 3 new English words.

I try to achieve all of them every single day. There is no penalty for the failure of achieving less than 3 of them.

Studying Plan

6:30 AM – 6:50 AM every day Recite English words. (get up at 6:15 AM)

10:00 PM – 10:20 PM every day Read books.

Every Saturday evening 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM Watch an English movie.

Things to do Every Day

After I get up

  1. Practice words with Quizlet.
  2. Check the weather.
  3. Plan for the day.
  4. Check for messages in email, social media and personal website’s contact form.
  5. Fold the quilt.
  6. Open the window for breathing. (Turn off the AC first)
  7. Brush my teeth and wash my face.
  8. Refill the water to the bottle.
  9. View my to-do list (in Wunderlist).
  10. Wear my watch.

Before I sleep

  1. Prepare clothes for tomorrow.
  2. Review the knowledge you have learned.
  3. Check my steps count.
  4. Pack up things tomorrow.
  5. Check for messages again.
  6. Charge my electronic devices. (Don’t charge beside the bed)
  7. Set an alarm clock for getting up.
  8. Mute the phone.
  9. Plan for tomorrow.

When I am boring

  1. Recite new English words.
  2. Check my to-do list.
  3. Write my blog.
  4. Chat with my friends.

Signs in my Bedroom

I added some signs in my bedroom to improve my self-management skill. I have a good self-management skill but sometimes I am mismanaged.

The cards can let me manage myself better by showing the reminders and warnings in case I forgot.

I usually see the cards so I can remember them, then I can stop my bad habits.

I am very like English, and the cards are bilingual between English and Chinese.

You just need to make the signs like that and stick around your bedroom.

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English Word Board

I have to remember a myriad of new English words. So I have to think about some ideas to remember more English new words in a short time.

I often have nothing to do after school from Monday to Thursday unless I didn’t finish my homework. So I want to remember new English words.

It is too hard to look at my English notebook at home, because the text is very small, and putting my notebook onto the wall or the ceiling in my bedroom is impossible. So, I’d like to make an English Word Board which can hang on the wall and easy to see. I usually look at my English Word Board as I go through it.

I have installed the board several months ago, so I can remember English words in my bedroom easily. I just need to look at the board as I go through it. Also, I will update the words once a week.

If you want to make this like me, you just need to put a blackboard or whiteboard onto the wall and write some English words on it.

My English Word Board on my bedroom wall

English Word Board

The instructions of my English Word Board

English Word Board Manual
Learn More

Do important tasks first before doing peripheral tasks

If there are some tasks that close to their deadlines, you need to finish them first because they are so important. Then you can finish your peripheral tasks as you want.

If you finish your peripheral tasks first, you will feel there is no free time and more stressful for doing the important tasks.

Do your paper-only homework before using your computer (for students)

Students usually use the computer to do things, but you need to finish all of your paper-only homework first before using your computer.

Once you turned on your computer, you will be indulged for doing your things on your computer and don’t care about your time, so you will have less free time later.

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My Restrictions

I also have some restrictions to control myself and prevent doing too many things a day. Don’t worry, you always have time to do things.

  1. Use my phone no more than 3 hours a day.
  2. Use my computers (include tablets) no more than 6 hours a day.
  3. Use my electronic devices (total time of 1 and 2) no more than 7.5 hours a day.
  4. Write no more than 3 blog articles a day, 20 articles a month.
  5. Make no more than 1 YouTube video a day, 10 videos a month.
  6. Spend no more than 750 CNY a day, 7500 CNY per month.
  7. Ask the teachers no more than 5 times a day.
  8. Remember no more than 250 English words a day.
  9. Collect no more than 150 English words a day.

My To-do List Groups

I separated my to-do list into four groups, I usually do my things from the top to the bottom. They have been listed from important to unimportant from top to bottom. Also, I always check my to-do list and my read-later list every morning.

  1. Urgent tasks
  2. Important tasks
  3. Peripheral tasks
  4. Optional tasks

Don’t worry, I always have time to do my own things, peripheral tasks and important tasks will be changed to urgent tasks automatically when they are close to their deadline.

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