I made my YouTube Channel Promotion Card on Feb. 16th, 2019. It can let me get more subscribers on my YouTube Channel.

YouTubers are thinking ideas for getting more subscribers. Some YouTubers made YouTube Channel Promotion Cards and hand out them to get more subscribers in real world.

Now, I made a template to let you make a YouTube Channel Promotion Card and improve your subscribers amount.

Learn more how I made my YouTube Channel Promotion Cards

Download for Free

This is a free resource. Using my resources are absolutely free, you don’t have to pay any extra for downloading it and using it.

1. The Files and Tools

There are 3 files in the template package:

  1. Front Side
  2. Back Side
  3. Back Side (For different usernames between social media)

They are Adobe Photoshop .psd format, you need to use Adobe Photoshop CC to edit and print them.

You may use Move Tool, Text Tool in Photoshop.

2. Edit Front Side

  1. Open “Front Side RGB.psd”.
  2. Open “Part 1” Folder.
  3. Put your channel logo or name.
  4. Type your YouTuber type. (e. g. A Chinese Junior High Student YouTuber)
  5. Type your video updating period. (e. g. New Videos Every Friday and Sunday)
  6. Generate your channel QR code at https://www.qrcode-monkey.com with your channel link, then put it inside the card, replace “Put QR Code Here”.
    i. Remove “?view_as=subscriber”
    ii. Don’t add “?sub_confirmation=1”
  7. Replace “https://www.yourwebsite.com/” to your website. (Remove this section if you don’t have a website)
  8. Remove “Please Subscribe to my YouTube Channel!” banner if you want.
  9. Adjust the position for each element.

3. Edit Back Side

If you have the same username for Facebook, Twitter, Instgram, Pinterest and Tumblr, use “Back Side RGB.psd”. If you have different usernames, use “Back Side Different Social Media.psd”.

  1. Edit usernames for social media.
  2. Edit your email address.
  3. Edit your location. (e. g. Phoenix City, Guangzhou, China)
  4. Edit your channel name.

4. Export and Print

  1. You may change the color mode from RGB to CMYK to avoid the color difference while printing. (Your computer uses RGB and the printer uses CMYK)
  2. Export your cards as JPEG File.
  3. Put the front side and back side into the .psd file in 9 pieces folder according to the guides.
  4. Print the cards to A4 paper.
  5. Crop the cards into 9 pieces.

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