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Where are you from?

I am from Guangzhou, China but my hometown is in Guangxi Province.

Where do you live in?

I live in Phoenix City, Guangzhou, China. It is a living area at the edge of Guangzhou. There are many foreigners so that I have an opportunity to practice English.

How is your English ability?

I passed Cambridge KET and PET, but I am going to fix my English pronunciation problem for several months.

Why does your English grammar usually wrong?

Because I am from China and I have a lot of Chinese Classes. You can report grammar mistakes by clicking the red button at the sidebar.

What is 1603?

It is my personal password previously, but it becomes my personal code / PIN since January 2018. It can identify me by this number, so my username and my website’s domain use “kendeng1603” instead of “kendeng” to avoid the conflict.

Tip: You can search “Ken Deng 1603” on Google or Bing to find me easily.


What is the type of your course?

It is MYP (Middle Years Program) of IB.

Does your school have uniforms?

Yes, it does. It has multiple colours and we wear different colours on different days.

Please note: It is against my school rule for not wearing school uniform or wear it as a wrong colour.

Does your school allow or ban electronic devices?

My school bans electronic devices such as cellphones or iPads. It can prevent students from playing games all day, even in the class.

When your school starts and ends?

My school starts on 7:30 AM and ends on 9:20 PM.

How many students are there in your class?

My class has no more than 20 students so I can enjoy a quiet studying environment.

Website and Blog

Why did you start your personal website and blog?

Because I want to share my articles and practice my English and writing ability.

Why do you use reCAPTCHA to protect your website?

Because my website received too many spam comments, messages and emails, and my server was almost crashed.

Note: I upgraded the reCAPTCHA to v3 from the old v2 checkbox to prevent users from being interrupted. My server has been recording the scores for reCAPTCHA v3 to prevent spam.

Why did you add the Chinese language to your website and blog?

I am going to give an opportunity to foreigners in China to practice Chinese, so I made my website bilingual between English and Chinese-Simplified.

Why did you add some animations on your website?

Because the animations can prevent the user from seeing the incomplete loading page, and let users have a better experience.

Also, I received dozens of spam emails about website design, they disappeared immediately after I added the animations.

Why you created your own anti-spam system?

In 2019, my personal website had attacked by spam emails before I have created my own anti-spam system. The spammers usually avoid even all major anti-spam systems with success, like Akismet, spam detector by email providers.

I had to create my own anti-spam system as a result to prevent clever spammers. I have made it with my programming knowledge. My server will record all messages even if it is spam to prevent wrong judgements.

Spammers are humans, but not robots, so reCAPTCHA can’t solve this problem (their scores are usually 0.9, recorded by my server).

YouTube Channel

Why you started your YouTube Channel?

The first reason for this is there are so many travellers on YouTube. I want to donate them via Patreon but I can’t, because of a payment issue. I only can do this to pay back their hard-working.

Then I think to be a YouTuber can improve my English speaking ability and attract some foreigners to come to Guangzhou.

For more information, please see my about page.

What software are you using for making your YouTube videos?

I use Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, iMovie, Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, etc.

Tip: You can see the software what I used to make the video in the descriptions in each video.

Why you seldom make Premiere or Live Streaming on YouTube?

Because I don’t have time to do that. I am a Chinese Junior High Student YouTuber and I am very busy with studying and vlogging.