If you want to send me messages or need help, feel free to contact me! I am happy to hear you! You can just send me a friendly Hello.

I am a student from Phoenix City International School, Guangzhou, China. This school bans cellphones, so I may can’t reply to your messages on schooldays, please be patient!

Programming Languages (e. g. HTML, JavaScript, C++, Python) are allowed, with the following restrictions: You may not send any codes that can destroy my devices or server, that can force my devices or server do some abusive behaviors (e. g. send spam email), that has virus or threats. For example, you may not send malware’s source code.

The contact is only available in English, Chinese-Simplified (Chinese-Mandarin for calling), HTML, JavaScript, CSS, C++, PHP and Python. Other languages will be ignored.

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My Home Location

10, Fengming Main Street, Yunxi Mountain, Phoenix City, Zengcheng, Guangzhou, China 511340

Do not send paper letter to my home, because the mailbox in front of my home will no longer receive paper letters, and I am going to save paper.


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