Community Project is Coming Soon…

In grade 9 in my school, we need to do the Community Project.

I chose the theme for my group: Using Computer Safely. My group will teach people how to use the computer safely, and send tutorials and tips about this.

I may open a WeChat Public Subscription Account for the community project.

I will do the Community Project for 9 months, between Sep. 2019 and Jun. 2020.

Coming soon…

Can’t wait for my Community Project? I Prepared some Computer Safety tips for you

If you can’t wait to enjoy my community project, I prepared my computer safety tips, I will tell you the detailed information for each tip when the community project starts.

  1. Usually Backup your Data.
  2. Usually scan and kill computer virus in your antivirus software.
  3. Open your USB Drive by right key instead of double click.
  4. Safety remove your removable devices before unplugging.
  5. Cover your computer camera unless you need it.
  6. Do not arbitrary paste codes into browser’s console feature.
  7. Do not click or open unidentified link.
  8. Turn off Autoplay on your computers for removable devices.
  9. Disconnect and turn off WiFi if you don’t need it.
  10. Lock your computer when you leave it. (Win+L / command+control+Q)
  11. Check the beginning in the browser’s address bar when you surf the Internet. (HTTP or HTTPS)
  12. Keep off dangerous websites.
  13. Use strong passwords.
  14. Be careful when you lend your device(s), removable device(s), account(s) to others.
  15. Enable ‘Find My Devices’ Feature.
  16. Cover your keyboard while you are entering your password.
  17. Be careful when using public WiFi.
  18. Be careful when charging with public USB port directly.
  19. Always keep your software and operating system up-to-date. (Except old computers)
  20. Be careful when downloading files from the Internet.
  21. Use genuine software.
  22. Do not make a screenshot about the payment code.

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