Welcome to my “Use Computer Safely” Community Project!

In grade 9 in my school, we need to do the Community Project.

I chose the theme for my group: Using Computer Safely. My group will teach people how to use the computer safely, and send tutorials and tips about this.

I may open a WeChat Public Subscription Account for the community project.

I will do the Community Project for 9 months, between Sep. 2019 and Jun. 2020.

We are a “Use Computer Safely” community project group in Class 3 Grade 9, International Section MYP, Phoenix City International School. We will use the knowledge from subjects we learned to teach everyone to use the computer safely.

The community project website and the official app were designed and made by me because I have strong programming ability, and all members will manage them (write articles and reply comments).

Go to my Community Project Website