Notice about Disconnecting Jetpack from my Website

I am sorry, but I have to.

This notice is only for my favorite bloggers.

Dear Bloggers,

I am sorry to inform you that I have to disconnect Jetpack and from my server.

Recently, the servers of GoDaddy’s CDN and WordPress core files may not accessible in China for the following domains, which slows down my website’s speed.


Some visitors who visit my website stuck on the loading page, or my website is loaded incompletely, which seriously affect user’s browsing experience.

I have enough blogger friends on, the bloggers’ community, so there is no need to connect my server to server to make English friends. Don’t worry, I still read other bloggers’ articles if I have time. I just need to visit their website to check for new articles without using

I may remove Jetpack in a month. Please consider subscribing to my newsletter or bookmark my website, or you can use Twitter to receive my new articles. Otherwise, you will no longer receiving my new articles.

Thanks for supporting my study strategy blog for a long time! I am sorry for the inconvenience for my favorite blogging friends.

Yours Faithfully,
Ken Deng,
June 21, 2020

Jetpack Disconnect Notice 20200621
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