Notice about Pause Updating my Public Resources Until August

I am sorry, but I have to.

Dear Fans and Subscribers,

I am sorry to inform you that I have to pause updating my public sources until August. I have sent many this kind of notices about it. This is because I am busy with my heavy study tasks.

Unfortunately, I have failed the exam at the end of May although I have paid my maximum effort. It was extremely difficult, containing some new kinds of questions that haven’t appeared in the past. The second chance of the exam will be taken place in Jul. 4. Also, there will be many examinations in my school between June and July as I will graduate from my school.

Now I can go back to my main school and have a normal school life because the end-semester exam is also important, which affects availability of senior high schools. I will become a senior high student soon. I have to do not only my school tasks but also preparations for the exam.

So, I cannot update my public resources, which includes pause writing new articles on my website, making YouTube videos, reading other’s articles, exploring social media, and replying your comments and messages. I have paused to update them immediately as the number of my tasks increases dramatically.

This will continue until future notice. If you have subscribed to my things, it is recommended to keep subscribed as I will come back at any time.

If you have any questions or need help, please leave me messages and I am here to help you.

Thanks for supporting my study strategy blog for a long time! See you in August, a month before my senior high school life starts.

Yours Faithfully,
Ken Deng,
June 5, 2020

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Notice about Pause Updating my Public Resources Until August English
Notice about Pause Updating my Public Resources Until August Chinese
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