Recently, my parents and I have changed the plan for the exam coming soon. I may update my public resources rarely until July.

There are 2 periods of the exam that is May 24 and June 28. I will have to continue to make preparations and attend the second one in case I have failed the exam.

I’m still unable to go back to my main school and I have to stay at the alternative school which can make preparations for the exam until the result releases.

I will be back to update my blog on May 30, 2020, a week after the exam whatever I have failed or passed the exam.


Notice about I may Update my Public Resources Rarely Until July

What to do if I Pass the Exam?

If I pass the exam, I will go back to my main school and start updating all of my public resources periodically.

What to do if I Fail the Exam?

However, if I fail the exam, I will continue preparing for the exam.

I will start to update my blog, my newsletter, and social media rarely until July, which is no more than 1 article every week. My YouTube channel remains paused updating.

My Commitment to my Blogger Friends

I’ve made a commitment in my last notice about pause updating my things until June.

I’ve told them that I will continue updating my public resources since the exam ends. I will do it according to the commitment. Otherwise, I will lose subscribers.

My Recent News

I have Entered the Top 10 during the Recent Mid-semester Exam

Recently, there was a mid-semester exam in my school.

Congratulations! I have entered the top 10 in the whole grade 9 for the exam.

I entered the top 10 in the who grade for the mid-semester exam last semester, which is the result of studying hard and improving my studying ways.

Also, my total score exceeds the score of my favorite schoolmate Alex, who is also going to prepare for the exam I am currently preparing.

I will Continue my Community Project

I started a community project and founded a team with my classmates about computer safety on September 1, 2019.

Recently, I have had a final exhibition of the community project at my school, which means the community project journey in my school has arrived at the terminal. The article related to the exhibition will be posted on my personal website later.

However, this doesn’t mean that I will stop services. In order to let everyone use computers safely for remote working or studying at home, I am intended to continue this project for 1 to 3 years without supervisors, protecting your computer safety.

For more information, please see this article on my community project website. The notice from our team has shown below.

Community Project Continuing Notice

If you have any questions or need any help, please leave me messages and I am here to help you (if possible). I speak English and Chinese.

I hope I can pass the exam, and everyone can study better and get excellent results!

You can view my schedule during the period of preparing for the exam on my website.

I will bring some awesome updates on my blog and my YouTube channel later. See you in July!

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    1. Thank you! This is the result of studying hard and inventing my unique studying ways. I hope I can learn more useful frugal and live tips on your blog. Also, I will become a senior high student soon.

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