Hi there! This is Ken’s study strategy blog. I am sorry that I have to pause updating my public resources again until June because the exam has been delayed and it is coming soon.

The exam should be held at the end of April, but it has been delayed for a month. Its date has been ascertained that is May 24th, 2020.

Also, it has been changed to the online exam with webcam enabled in order to avoid gathering with lots of people. It had built their exam and the anti-cheating system already when it was announcing the modification of the exam.

Note: This is an announcement of my public resources but not a real blog article. However, you can share/forward this notice to let the readers know.

My Recommended Public Resources

As I pause updating my public resources again until June, I have recommended some blogs that are worth reading. At the sidebar on my website (not shown on phone), you can see that there is an important notice about this, amazing articles from my favorite bloggers, bloggers and YouTubers I have recommended, etc.

My favorite bloggers are sharing some tips for studying better, establishing a comfortable study environment, and so on.

By the way, I have been making some blogging friends while I am reading their articles. We usually share other’s articles on Twitter with each other so that we can learn more tips and tutorials.

My Favorite Bloggers and YouTubers are:

Why I Updated it Anyway Before?

I have already handed out a notice about pause updating my resources until May, but I update them anyway. That is because I received a notice about the exam has been delayed and the time is not ascertained.

Also, I have made some updates on my personal website 5.0 to let people have a better experience.

Keep Subscribed

I am losing subscribers on my YouTube channel because there are no updates, but it doesn’t matter. I need to focus on the preparation for the exam.

Pause updating my public resources until June is helpful for me to pass the exam.

If you have subscribed to my blog, email newsletter, and my YouTube channel, it’s recommended to keep subscribed as I may come back at any time.

I will continue updating my social media and reply to your comments and messages if possible.

After the exam, my blog and YouTube channel will be updated regularly and periodically.

My Later Articles

I will share some articles and videos after the exam. Please come back to my website and YouTube channel later.

  • I have Started to Record Audio Articles for my Blog
  • What will be changed when I become a Senior High Student?
  • Folder with Zipper or Button, which one Should you Use?
  • How to Arrange the Layout on your Bedroom’s or Study’s Desk?
  • The Importance of Icons – Helping People to Understand Faster
  • How to be Concentrate when Reading Blog or Watching Videos?
  • Practice the Knowledge, or you will Forget Them
  • So Many Studying Tasks? You Always have Free Time
  • 8 Hidden Features in Firefox that can Let Me Study Better
  • My 16 New Essential Things make me Study Effectively
  • The Meaning of my 2020 Personal Logo | How I Study Better?

Pause Updating Notice 20200501 English
Pause Updating Notice 20200501 Chinese

If you have any questions or need any help, please leave me messages (email address shown above) and I am here to help you (if possible). I speak English and Chinese.

I hope I can pass the exam, and everyone can study better and get excellent results!

You can view my schedule during the period of preparing for the exam on my website.

I will bring some awesome updates on my blog and my YouTube channel later. See you in June!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your favorite bloggers. I’ll have to visit the ones I’m not already following. I hope your studies are going well! I’m sure you can’t wait for a break.

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