Recently, I have invented some new ways to take notes during the lesson, which can let me remember the knowledge firmly and distinct important knowledge.

Students take notes during the lesson in order to remember some important knowledge. Some students are going to review the knowledge after class.

Some students have their own ideas for taking better notes, remembering the knowledge easily.

Today, I am going to talk about some of my new ways to take notes. Follow me!

Note: This article has been delayed for a week because I am busy with study. I have already started using the new ways 2 weeks ago.

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1. ‘Important’ and ‘Difficult’ Tag

I have started using the ‘important’ and ‘difficult’ tag, distinguishing some important and difficult knowledge.

It is crucial that students should take notes carefully, especially some important and difficult knowledge.

Important and Difficult Tags in my Notes

2. Colorful Notes

Also, I have started to try to make my notes colorful using my color pens in some subjects in order to review the knowledge faster and effectively.

As we know, different colors have different meanings. For example, red means urgent, yellow means important, green means OK, and so on.

Subjects I have started to try to use colorful notes: Chinese, math, English, chemistry, computer, music, geography.

Without the distinction by colors between different kinds of knowledge points, students would have been difficult to read through and remember the notes they have just taken.

Colorful Notes in OneNote

OneNote is an online note app that produced by Microsoft Office 365. I introduced it last semester on my website.

Not only can we make paper notes colorful but also we can make it in OneNote colorful. I just need to change the text color to make the notes colorful.

3. New Notebook Cover

Furthermore, I have designed and painted some new modern covers on my notebooks, which contain some common knowledge.

This is the cover of my geography notebook that contains the virtual view of the earth and some geographical knowledge in common.

My New Notebook Cover

This is an article about my new ways to take better notes. I hope you can take better notes in your notebook when you have lessons!

Alright! This is the end of the article. Thanks for reading.

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    1. Thank you very much! I have invented some new methods with my creativity that was used to design my website 5.0. Today, I have started recording audio articles on my blog.

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