Today, I am taking Cloudflare back to my website while I am fixing my website issues. My server has had an issue for 5 hours.

I had removed Cloudflare away from my website because it had violated one of my personal rules. However, according to my personal rules, Internet services who have violated my personal rules can be taken back after 15 days of the violation.

After I have removed Cloudflare, my website has become slower than it used to. Then my website becomes abnormal after a few days because there are a lot of burdens on my server, no matter what the CDN on the host was enabled or not.

Today, I could have written an article about my experiences for having online lessons at home. However, I couldn’t write it because I was unable to access my website.

I have added the voting feature on my website, but I have taken it back without users’ determination because it is urgent.

Now, I am going to talk about taking Cloudflare back to my website.

The Issue on my Website without Cloudflare

From 4:30 PM to 9:30 PM (GMT+8, China Standard Time), my website has shown this page, which indicates my website is out of service for 5 hours.

Taking Cloudflare Back because my Website was Out of Service

The issue is the website takes too long to respond or the speed is very slow while loading my website. The webpage might be loaded incompletely for some images and CSS styles. My community project website was also being affected.

There were a lot of burdens on my server without Cloudflare, so the server can’t respond to all of the visitors at the same time.

When my website becomes abnormal, it will show the error page mentioned above automatically. I have already prepared some friendly error pages for different situations and a maintenance page. It can tell visitors what to do while I am fixing my website.

I have prepared the error pages for the following situations:

  1. My server is abnormal or too busy.
  2. I have temporarily disabled my website for security reasons. (this has already happened on my community project website)
  3. Unusual traffic detected. (for users who have sent spam comments or too many requests on my website, the visitor needs to solve the reCAPTCHA v2 checkbox to continue)
  4. There are too many spam comments on my website, I am going to clean them. (this can prevent all visitors to continue sending spam)

You can check my status page on my website that indicates the status of my services in real-time.

Taking Cloudflare Back - Abnormal Status Page

Why I am Taking Cloudflare Back?

Cloudflare has enabled a feature unexpectedly. However, it has a lot of benefits.

It has a CDN (Content Delivery Network) that can cache files everywhere around the world, let visitors visit the website faster and reduce the pressure for website servers.

Also, Cloudflare is an important role for websites because it has some security features. It can protect the website against spam emails and DDoS attacks.

Cloudflare also has been helping me a lot for protecting my website and keeping my website safe.

Now, I’ve known how to prevent it from showing a CAPTCHA page while accessing my website. I just need to add a firewall rule on Cloudflare.

Cloudflare Page Rules Allowing CN

If you See Something Unusual on my Website, Please Let me Know

Sometimes, my website is abnormal. I can’t guarantee my website always works normally.

I never put any ads on my website and adblockers are allowed on my website.

In order to make a safer environment and a better experience on my website for visitors, if you see something unusual on my website, please let me know. For example:

  1. See some ads on my website.
  2. Can’t access my website normally, like the problem mentioned in this article.
  3. Can’t send comments or click like/dislike buttons on my website.
  4. See some spam comments on my website.
  5. See some unusual characters on my website (especially my website’s Chinese version).

Vote: The CAPTCHA While Accessing Websites

Recently, I have added a vote feature on my website in order to collect people’s opinions and improve my services. Can you please take a minute to answer the question? Thanks!

Have you seen the CAPTCHA while Accessing a Website with Cloudflare Protection?

[This should be a voting feature, but it is failed to load. Please access this article with your browser instead of using reader, Pocket reader or Bloglovin’ reader in order to vote.]

This is an article about taking Cloudflare back to my website. I hope everyone can enjoy my website better.

Alright! This is the end of the article. Thanks for reading.

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