I am not able to go out and I have to stay at home and study every day. Many people may feel boring during the winter vacation. I am not boring because I can record study YouTube videos at home.

As I am a YouTuber, I have a responsibility to record and provide some useful videos. Otherwise, I will lose subscribers on my YouTube channel.

My bedroom is suitable for recording YouTube videos, so it is a good chance to record YouTube videos at home.

My blog article and YouTube videos about study tips can help the people who study at home study better, faster and effectively.

I am a student and my blog is going to share some study tips to let everyone study better, faster and effectively. However, my YouTube channel only has a few videos related to study tips and tutorials.

During the winter vacation, you can see my YouTube channel updates every 2 to 4 days. That is because I usually record YouTube videos about study tips at home.

Disclaimer: In order to study English better, I have attempted to use new words and grammar points that I have studied recently. The English grammar in this article may wrong, you can find and correct them by writing comments below.

YouTuber is my Virtual Career

In order to study better and practice the knowledge in real life, I have created some virtual careers without money earning.

Many YouTubers are going to earn money by recording videos and posting on YouTube. However, I have started my YouTube channel because I want to practice my English speaking, English pronunciation and video editing ability.

My Other Virtual Careers

  1. Blogger: Writing my opinions, study tips and tutorials on my personal website. I may embed some YouTube videos on my blog.
  2. Programmer: Make computer or mobile phone apps using programming languages, I can use HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, C++ and Python.

Draft and Video Cycle

Drafts are essential for recording videos. They can help me speak clearly and reduce the break in a sentence.

I always write drafts before recording videos, not only YouTube videos, including my school’s video homework.

I write a draft about the video I will record soon first, then I will be able to record the video with success. After I recorded and uploaded the video (or submitted to my teacher), I will write a draft about my next video. This makes a cycle between writing drafts and recording videos.

If I record videos without drafts, I will read with pronunciation mistakes and breaks. My video quality will be lower and my recording speed will be slower.

I Swapped my Plan with Future Tasks

I’m not able to go out and my plan has been interrupted, so I have to rearrange my winter vacation plan.

I have swapped my plan with the tasks that are suitable for doing at home. Some future tasks are recording YouTube videos about study tips every weekend.

However, I will be busier than my last semester during my next semester, so I am going to use the opportunity to record YouTube videos about study tips during the winter vacation with my “Draft and Video” cycle.

Only One Video during Last Semester?

Last semester, there is only one new video on my YouTube channel, it is about 8 useful apps that can help you study better. I have only updated one video because my study tasks are very heavy.

My YouTube Video Drafts

In order to show my hard work during the special winter vacation, I am going to disclose some of my YouTube video drafts about study tips and tutorials.

How to Study Faster and Effectively at Home?

Reforming my Bedroom | Establishing a Comfortable Studying Environment

My Study YouTube Videos

How to Study Faster and Effectively at Home?

Reforming my Bedroom | Establishing …

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I couldn’t Stop my YouTube Work

Once I started to record YouTube videos about study tips and tutorials, I indulge with my YouTube work and I can’t stop working on it.

While I am working on my YouTube videos, I received some emails from another YouTuber. I need to reply to her email and answer her questions when I am not working.

Also, I am going to follow the suggestions from other YouTubers to get more views and subscribers.

Make Sure I have Finished my Homework

I have to the homework during the winter vacation. I only replaced some parts of my winter vacation plan with my YouTube work in the future.

I’ll use part of my time to do my homework, and other parts to do my YouTube work.

I have a strong self-management skill, so I don’t need to worry about the time to do my homework.


Alright! This is the end of the article. Thanks for reading.

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