Last week, I had an exhibition about the community project. Our team showed some of our works on board. Some students from other grade saw our work.

Go to our Community Project Website

What is Community Project?

In grade 9, we have to do a community project for several months.

Community Project can make the community better. Students can pick a good theme they want. Once selected, they won’t be able to change it or start over. For instance, there are some groups about Language Optimizes Community, Reduce Language Violence, etc.

It is an intersubject project. I need to use knowledge from more than one subject.

What things have we shown?

In our Community Project Exhibition, I have shown our community project groupmates, our theme, our projects we will make, logs of processing, time table, our website, etc.

We have been making Computer Safety Quiz, so we also have shown the quiz with our computers. During the exhibition, there are hundreds of people line up behind our computers because they want to take a quiz about computer safety.

How many tickets we have got?

It’s secret! We have got 100+ tickets and we were the first rank in my whole school.

I have prepared the project well during the summer holiday, so our team shows better.


(Photos from my father)


These are my information about the 1st exhibition of our community project. For more information, please go to our community project website.

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