As I am a Chinese grade-9 student, my studying tasks are busier than do even all other things, include writing this article. I even don’t have time to do non-studying things such as writing my blog, recording my YouTube videos, etc.

During grade 9, I need to do plenty of studying tasks, not only in my school. Even I usually need to gather with my classmates at the Traffic Centre of Phoenix City, Guangzhou to communicate with each other to do group homework.

I am a Chinese junior high student YouTuber from Class 3 Grade 9, International Section MYP, Phoenix City International School and I live in Phoenix City, Guangzhou, China. My studying tasks are busier than others.

In this article, I will tell you how do grade 9 junior high students busy and how do they deal with the busyness tasks.

What need I do in grade 9?

I need to do the following tasks in grade 9. Some tasks are in my school and some are outside my school.

  1. Group Homework
  2. Community Project
  3. School Concerts
  4. Remember English words (at least 25 per day)
  5. Solve other’s computer problems, even fix their computers (optional, at any time when anyone needs)
  6. (etc.)
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Students only have less time to write their blog

Students need to study, they have plenty of studying tasks, so they usually don’t have free time. Some of my schoolmates have their blog or WeChat Public Account.

Writing a blog article spends a lot of time. So my schoolmates and I have less time to write blog articles.

What about then? Their blog updating frequency will be longer and longer, some blogs are a new article every week, some are a new article every 2 weeks, even longer.

Also, my schoolmate Kate often send apology articles into her WeChat Public Account instead of normal contents because her studying tasks are also busier than doing other things and she can’t find the topic for writing blog articles. It is normal.

I need to have enough sleep

Don’t have time to do other things is normal, but sleeping is more important than doing anything.

Even though the studying tasks are really busy, but I need to have an enough sleep every single day because sleeping can raise my spirits.

If I do the tasks and sleep later, I will be harder to do the tasks tomorrow.

My blog and my YouTube Channel will be rarely updated during grade 9

These are the reasons why I rarely update my public things. So my blog and my YouTube Channel will be rarely updated during grade 9, even no update. It is normal and I apologize for the inconvenience.

Also, I will reply to your comments on my blog or YouTube channel rarely.

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I can chat with you anytime. You can share your things when I am online.

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These are the busyness of junior high students, I hope you can know it from this article.

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Thanks so much for reading!

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