Today is September 1st, 2019, the last day of the summer holiday. I will go back to school tomorrow. This is the last article during the summer holiday.

I opened our community project group’s official website and prepared the grade 9 community project in advance. Unfortunately, my WeChat Public Subscription Account will be opened a week later.

What did I do during the summer holiday?

I had some extra classes, and I went to the United Kingdom. Also, I opened the community project website and made its official app.

I studied some knowledge in the centre of Guangzhou and London.

The articles I wrote in UK

I wrote some articles during the United Kingdom summer camp to improve my English, you can see it.

I Opened our Community Project group’s Official Website

In grade 9 in my school, we need to do the community project after the semester starts, so I need to prepare for the community project during the summer holiday.

The theme of our community project is Using Computer Safety, I need to open the website, WeChat public subscription account for the community project, and I need to make its official app.

I will have less time to chat with you

After I go back to school, I will only able to chat with you at weekends and holidays. But don’t worry, you can leave me a message if you want.

If you want me chat with you, you just need to click the message button at the lower right corner and enter your name and message when the button is violet. I speak English and Chinese. Also, the gray button means I am not able to chat with you, you can click it and leave me a message.

Please note: If my personal website is abnormal on weekdays, I will only be able to fix it at weekends.


The next semester will start tomorrow, I hope I can have a nice score and a success community project.

Thanks so much for reading!

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