The Summer Holiday is almost over. Recently, I went to the London Town in Fresh Spring City, Qingyuan, China. I came back to China from United Kingdom a week ago, I bought so many souvenirs, and I really like English.

I don’t miss United Kingdom, but I remembered there is a London Town in Fresh Spring City, Qingyuan, China.

We have a house in Fresh Spring City, Qingyuan. My family usually go there for spending time during the holidays.

Why I want to go to the London Town?

I remembered there is a London Town right there, and I want to go there to enjoy the United Kingdom scenes again. I wore my London clothes and prepared this, so I can enjoy the United Kingdom again.

What things are in the London Town?

In London Town, there are some red telephone booths, UK buildings and shops. It is a shopping street, so there are some shops.

There is a picture of London in front of some shops.

Also, there is a traffic centre in front of the London Town. The traffic centre of the Phoenix City, Guangzhou is inside the Jusco.

What did I do inside the town?

I took some photos of them, and I compared the scenes between the real UK and the town.

There is no more chance to buy UK things and collect more English words

There are no real UK shops inside the town, all shops are Chinese shops, so there is no more chance to buy UK things such as souvenirs. There are only a few English words inside the town.

The last chance to buy UK souvenirs during my UK summer camp is in the London Heathrow Airport before boarding the airplane.

Fortunately to me, I bought so many souvenirs in the United Kingdom.



I hope I could enjoy more UK scenes inside the town, and my souvenirs I bought in United Kingdom.

Thank you so much for reading!

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