I didn’t update my YouTube channel for 1.5 months because there are a lot of assessments and tasks in my school. I am really sorry about that!

Before I post new videos on my YouTube channel, I made my YouTube Channel Art, and I need to make my new YouTube video intro with my new personal logo because my old YouTube intro was really bad.

On Dec. 25th, 2018, I made my YouTube channel promotion card to get more subscribers on YouTube. Then I made my new personal logo recently, but it is static, not animation logo. So I need to make my new YouTube Video Intro with my new personal logo.

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What is YouTube Video Intro?

The intro of the YouTube video is a short animation that usually appears at the start of a YouTube video. It shows the animated logo and the channel description.

How did I make my intro?

I used some computer software to make my intro:

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019
  2. Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

First, I watched some tutorials from YouTube and attempted to make my intro with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 but failed, because it is too difficult to add and control the motions of each object.

Then, I made my intro successfully with Microsoft PowerPoint 2019. It has a very big screen and the screen is customizable. I can add some objects (e. g. straight line, quadrilateral, parallelogram, square, rhombus) and modify the animations easily in it.

Steps to make my intro

  1. Open PowerPoint, create a new file and choose “blank” page.
  2. Put my logo onto the PPT.
  3. Create some shapes and let them overlap to the logo.
  4. Remove the logo.
  5. Duplicate the slide for numbers of times.
  6. Delete some shapes and make each shape animated.
  7. Add text at the last slide.
  8. Set the timeout for each slide to connect the slides together.
  9. Find and download background music in YouTube Audio Library (<30 seconds, no attribution).
  10. Add background music. (May use Adobe Premiere Pro, export as video from PowerPoint first if doing this, then export as video again from Adobe Premiere Pro)
  11. Export PPT as video.

In order to let the lines overlap together, I made some red guides on the PowerPoint slide.

Red Guides in Powerpoint Red Guides in Powerpoint
The Animation of Lines The Animation of Lines

A tutorial from another YouTuber

While I am making my intro, I watched some tutorials on YouTube to make my intro better.

I already started to make my new YouTube Video Intro before I watch this tutorial. His tutorial was very good and helpful, but I made my animation better than him.

He made his intro with only one slide, but I made my intro with multiple PowerPoint slides.

I wrote a comment on it and subscribed to his channel.


The new intro can make my personal logo animated. I hope my new personal logo and intro can make my YouTube videos more attractive and useful.

The music I used for my new YouTube intro: Safety Net (from YouTube Audio Library)

Thanks for reading!

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