As I am a student, I have to obey with academic honesty to respect other’s result. I strictly obey the academic honesty in my school.

Since June 28, 2019, my blog articles will obey with it to make sure my articles are not plagiarized from others.

What is Academic Honesty?

Academic Honesty is a studying rule which can let the students study or make their own studying materials honestly.

It can prevent the students cheat, plagiarize other’s materials or make fake materials.

Why I want to obey Academic Honesty on my Blog?

Academic Honesty is very important for students, I must obey it when I finish my school tasks.

It can prevent plagiarizing other’s result or using fake data.

Writing my blog articles is a kind of study. I usually write my blog articles. It can improve my English and communication ability.

All of my articles on my blog are my original. I didn’t plagiarize other’s articles when I writing my blog.

I may refer to other’s materials with editing, so I have to label the reference materials.

How will I obey the Academic Honesty on my Blog?

I will label the references at the bottom of my articles. It will show the Name, Link, Publisher, Year, etc. Anyone can click the name to open the link.

There will be a button about ”Show Reference Materials”. It can hide replace the reference items list. You can view them by clicking the button.

A new reminder on my website

Recently, I made an automated reminder on my website. It reminds students to label the reference and follow the Academic Honesty.

When you copy the text from my website, you will see a reminder about this. The alert box will say “Please note to follow the Academic Honesty Rules. Remember to label the references when you refer to a material.”

Note: The alert box only appear once every time you access to my website page.

Thanks so much for reading!

Reference Materials

Item Publisher Year
学术诚信 新东方教育头条 2018
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