First, I apologize about I didn’t update my blog articles over a month because of my business studying tasks.

Today is Father’s Day, June 16th, 2019. I have to give presents to my father.

I have no gifts want to send to my father, so I am going to cook dinner for my family, especially my father.

I never cook at home before because I am very busy with my studying tasks, and I have meals at home occasionally. So my parents let me cook at home to practice my cooking ability and make a gift for my father.

What did I do for cooking?

Cooking is not easy because I didn’t cook before, so I cook with my parents and my brother together to improve efficiency.

I did the following duties while I am cooking with my family:

  1. Clean the dishes and tools.
  2. Hand out bowls and chopsticks* to everyone.
  3. Put the food to dishes from ovens and pots.
  4. Learn some knowledge about cooking.

*Chopstick is a kind of tool for eating, it usually uses in China, like a spoon.

I felt afraid and nervous

This is the first time I cook, so I felt afraid and nervous. I was worried about the pots are too hot, the knife can hurt yourself, the oil can be spilled out from the pot, and so on.

My parents were accompanied by me to cook, so I don’t need to worry about them actually.

Cooking is a kind of housework

Cooking is a kind of housework because it can help parents to do some necessary things.

I seldom do housework at home, because of the business studying tasks.

Final Notes

I hope this can let father feel happy and helpful. Happy Father’s Day!

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