Recently, I used my programming language knowledge and made my computer Countdown Clock app to let me have an enough rest. It uses HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

I usually take a rest every 45 minutes when I do my things. We know there is a timer app in Windows 8, 8.1 and 10, but it isn’t exist in Windows 7 or MacOS.

My laptop must be apple laptop and I must use MacOS because some software are not compatible on Windows for my schoolwork. I also have some old computers, they are not compatible for Windows 8 or later OS, so I have to use Windows 7 (even Windows XP) on them.

We usually use the timer on the phone. Sometimes, I am unable to use the phone. So I made this app.

If you’d like to download the app, you can find the download link on this page.


我做事情的时候,每45分钟要休息。我们知道Windows 8、8.1和10有计时器功能,但是它在Windows 7和Mac系统中没有。

由于一些学习任务的所需软件与Windows系统不兼容,因此我的笔记本电脑必须为苹果电脑,且要使用Mac系统。我也有一些旧电脑,它们与Windows 8或更高版本的系统不兼容,所以我只好使用Windows 7(甚至Windows XP)。




How I can make apps?

Do you know how I can make apps? Making a website or an app is not easy!

Look at the top of page, you can see the programming languages I used for making this app. Learning the programming languages are not easy.

How long did I make the app? It is secret! If you want to know it, you can see my app manual’s About section. The programmers make every single app works very hard.

Probably, my programs have Zero Bugs Guarantee.





More about app and download

If you want to know more information about the app, or you want to download the app, please see this page.


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