Recently, I have been featured by my English extra class that I very like, called: Aipei English. It wrote an article in its WeChat Public Official Account to praise me, and it puts my YouTube Channel Promotion Card and my Tweets in it. I have been upgraded from English Class B to A.

Last semester, I got 130 of 150 score in the English final exam, but the English score of the mid-semester exam is 107/150. It is a best progress.

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My English Class

In the English class, there are some wonderful games, it practices my English and cooperation ability. In the English class, I always take notes carefully, and I review the knowledge I learned after class. Since Dec. 2018, my dictation in the class are always all correct. I usually use new words with wonderful design to make my posters and other projects.

I always remember the new words with the words remembering software, called: Quizlet, or chat with my foreign teachers or foreign friends between classes. In my opinion, the time between English classes are not for playing, they are for practicing my English ability, we should apply the knowledge in real life as we learn. English is not a subject, it is a tool that chats around the world, we can’t chat without it.

Applying English from the class

I like chatting with foreigners to practice English. In the winter holiday of 2019, I made some foreign friends, and I usually chat with them and share my journeys and news. Then, I created my personal website and blog and published my articles on it. I taught foreigners in China to use Chinese high-tech things, and it practiced my English reading, writing and communication ability.

I have to write a testimonial about this

Aipei English let me write a testimonial about this to let others know my fantastic studying experiences right there.

Thanks for reading!

I hope this article can activate your English interest and let you study and practice English better.

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