We usually watch videos on YouTube, where videos come from YouTubers with their hard-working. However, YouTube has some secrets that YouTubers don’t tell you.

I want to tell you the secrets because I want to let people know how the YouTubers work very hard.

I’m Ken, a Chinese junior high student YouTuber, so know the secrets on YouTube.

There are also some secrets on Spotify, Twitch, etc., but I can’t tell you because I don’t use Twitch and I am not a Spotify artist. If one day I found the secrets, I will share them to you.

What is YouTuber?

First, I am going to explain what is YouTuber.

YouTuber is a person that has his/her YouTube channel, who usually records and posts videos on YouTube.

1. Subscription Notifications

We can subscribe any YouTube channels and get new videos from their channel we want. Do you know we can turn on the notifications to get new videos in real time?

You just need to tap the bell beside the Subscribe button, which is only available after you subscribed the channel. When you subscribe to a YouTube channel, the red Subscribe button will turn to gray.

2. Caption/Subtitles

We often turn on the captions when we watch videos on YouTube to understand the contents easily. Meanwhile, there are some secrets about the caption.

2.1 Caption Language

You can choose the language of the caption (if available), just click Settings icon – Subtitles to change the language.

2.2 How does the caption exist?

YouTubers usually type the captions after they uploaded video in multiple languages. If the YouTuber doesn’t type the caption for a period, the YouTube system will add a caption into the video automatically by identifying the voices, which may not accurate.

3. Clickable Cards and End Screen

YouTubers usually add some clickable cards into the video about links. They also add End Screen at the end of the video that contains video/playlist cards and subscribe button to engage the audience to watch other videos in the channel.

4. Let the audience subscribe at the beginning and the end of the video

YouTubers usually let the audience subscribe to the channel at the beginning and the end of the video, where they can get more subscribers in the channel.

They add the red Subscribe button or say ”Please click the red Subscribe button to subscribe!”, ”Make sure you subscribed my YouTube channel.”, etc.

5. Watch Later List

We can add videos into the Watch Later list when we found a good video and don’t have time, just click the clock button in the video thumbnail.

6. Premiere

There is a new feature on YouTube: Premiere. It can let the YouTuber chat with the audiences before and during the Premiere. The Premiere video must be scheduled but not start immediately after published.

Meanwhile, the YouTuber can choose enable or disable the chat replay after the Premiere ends.

However, I seldom make Premiere or Live Streaming in my YouTube channel because of my business schoolwork.

7. Strike and Copyright

7.1 Strike

There are 2 kinds of Strikes on YouTube what can be handed out to the YouTuber that violates YouTube rules or guidelines, which has Copyright Strike and Community Guideline Strike.

Each strike will expire in 90 days after you receive this strike. Furthermore, if the YouTuber got 3 copyright or community guideline strikes, YouTube will permanently shut down the channel.

Also, YouTubers can go to youtube.com/features to view the strikes amount.

The view of the Strike Amount

Learn more about: Copyright Strike, Community Guideline Strike

7.2 Copyright

YouTube has a strict copyright rules. YouTubers can’t use copyrighted materials unless you bought the copyright. It has an automated system, which identifies the copyrighted materials by using Content ID Match technology. Also, the copyright owner can report a copyright infringement.

YouTubers can’t use some musics in a YouTube video, or you need to add a special text into the video descriptions because of the copyright. However. there is a way to find a music that can be used in the video: go to the YouTube audio library.

Learn more about YouTube Copyright

8. Channel Art, Channel Trailer and other elements in the channel page

There are some useful elements in a YouTube channel page, such as Channel Art, Channel Trailer video, etc.

8.1 Channel Art

Channel Art is the channel cover photo that displays at the top of the channel page. It displays smaller in the phone, tablet and computer than the YouTube TV.

8.2 Channel Trailer Video

Channel Trailer video is the video that introduces the whole YouTube channel. It displays in the channel home page only if you are not subscribed to the channel.

8.3 Channel Links

The channel page has a link section which YouTubers can put their website or social media links over there. However, they can display up to 5 website icons over the Channel Art.

8.4 Featured Channels

The channel page has a sidebar about featured channel, YouTubers can put some channels over there to suggest the audience discover some more good channels.

9. Posts and Channel Stories

YouTubers can post some text or images, and create their stories. They will be displayed in the subscriptions feed. It is eligible only if the channel has at least 10,000 subscribers (1,000 for posts).

10. Embed Videos

Some videos in a webpage are YouTube videos, what can be embedded in webpages. It can let the readers watch the YouTube video easily without go to the YouTube website.

YouTubers can control the video can or can’t be embedded in a website.

Like this

Final Notes

I think you can use YouTube better by the secrets and tips.

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