Since I create my website on Feb. 2019, my website is only available in English because I want to practice my English ability. My website is designed for foreigners in China.

But now, I am going to give an opportunity to foreigners in China to practice Chinese.

The Chinese language in my website is coming soon.




Chinese is now allowed for commenting on my things or send me message

Now, you can use Chinese to comment on my YouTube videos or Blog articles, contact me or send me message.


Now, I started to write my Blog in both English and Chinese-Simplified

Since Apr. 1st, 2019, I started to write my Blog in both English and Chinese to let foreigners to meet and practice Chinese, it is Chinese-Simplified, not Chinese-Traditional.

This is NOT APPLICABLE to my YouTube videos.



Another bilingual blogger in English and French

There is a bilingual blogger who also uses to create her blog, called: New Lune. She writes her articles in English and French.

这也有一个正在使用WordPress.com创建博客的双语博客作者New Lune,她在用英语和法语来写她的文章。

I hope you can enjoy my new bilingual Articles.

I hope you can enjoy my new bilingual articles in English and Chinese-Simplified. Each section has English text and Chinese text.

If you’d like to meet or practice Chinese, you just need to read the Chinese part in my articles.



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