Phoenix City is a good place to live in Zengcheng District, Guangzhou, China. It has some good places to go, such as Jizhidao, Dongmen Shopping Street, Phoenix City Hotel, Xinghui Square, Phoenix Sports and Recreation Club, etc. and it has a school, called: Phoenix City International School. It also has a Traffic Center in Jizhidao that have shuttle buses that run around the Phoenix City.

There are a lot of foreigners right there, especially in Jizhidao, so I have an opportunity to practice my English ability and promote my YouTube Channel with foreigners.

In Xinghui Square, there is a big supermarket, a movie theater and some small shops.

On Mar. 17th, 2019, there are some new stores at Xinghui Square, Phoenix City, Guangzhou, China and there are some red balloons, red flags and some pink flowers in front of the square to let people know and promote the newest store. So I can do some more things conveniently near my home in the square.

Xinghui Square is a square that has some shops, and it is near my home. I can go to this square to watch movies, buy things conveniently. It is in a corner of the 5th roundabout of Phoenix City.

Also, there is a shuttle bus station that the shuttle bus goes to the Traffic Center of Phoenix City.

Photos about Xinghui Square

Other shopping areas in Phoenix City

If you don’t go to the Xinghui Square or the 5th roundabout, you don’t need to worry about this.

There are also some new shops in the Traffic Center (near the 1st roundabout), Jizhidao (near the 1st roundabout) or Dongmen (near the 3rd roundabout) Shopping Street.

There are 6 roundabouts and 3 shopping places in the Phoenix City, but the 6th roundabout is in the Fengxi West Area.

The Map of Phoenix City

When I take some photos about this, I also met some foreigners beside the Xinghui Square (the location of the last photo), but I am afraid and don’t have time to hand out my YouTube Channel Promotion Card to them.

I am a Chinese Junior High Student YouTuber that live in Phoenix City near the Xinghui Square and study at Phoenix City International School.

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