Internet services should send warning before suspending, limiting or deleting your account

There are numbers of Internet Services such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. We usually use them on the Internet.

But do you know Internet services can limit, suspend, disable or delete your account if you violate their rules or Terms of Service? We are going to have a look.

How many violations cause an entire account?

YouTube: 3 strikes cause an entire account.

Twitter: A Tweet causes an entire account.

Quora: Several questions or answers cause an entire account.

Mailchimp: A Campaign cause an entire account (by Omnivore).

WeChat: An activity or several messages cause an entire account.

Baidu Web Drive: A file or an activity causes an entire account.

Iqiyi: A video causes an entire account.

Youku: A video cause an entire account.

My Trusted Services:

I also trust some services that won’t make a limitation (e. g. limit, suspend, disable, terminate, delete) of accounts unexpectedly if I did not violate their Rules or Terms of Use. You can feel free to use them.

Have multiple accounts are not allowed in some services. Why?

Some people may register so many accounts to avoid the limitation.

Baidu Web Drive does not have this rule, so people who like to use crack version to download Baidu Web Drive files faster and avoid the suspension are recommended to register a number of accounts and download them. (According to Baidu Web Drive Rules, if you use downloading tools or the crack version of Baidu Web Drive app to download Baidu Web Drive files faster, Baidu will suspend your entire account without warning, this will lose all of your files in Baidu Web Drive)

In some Internet services, having multiple accounts are not allowed (according to their rules). It can prevent people to avoid the limitation for one of their accounts by using another account.

Twitter says if you create so many Twitter accounts to avoid the suspension, it will suspend all of your new Twitter accounts.

Limiting, suspending, disabling or terminating an account should have a notification

Internet services should notice to the user after limited, suspended, disabled or terminates its account to let him/her know. The notification can be email notification, push notification, etc.

If an Internet service don’t send notifications about the account problem, the user will be angry about this and he/she may no longer to use this service.

An email from Mailchimp:

Recently, YouTube updated their Community Guideline Strikes System

Since Feb. 19, 2019, if you violate YouTube’s Community Guidelines for the first time, YouTube will only give you a warn and remove your content, but not hand out a Community Guideline Strike and you will not get any other penalties. You are able to send an appeal about the warning.

Then YouTube will hand out Community Guideline Strikes if you continue to violate YouTube’s Community Guidelines.

This won’t be applied to Copyright Strikes.

Keep Calm first if your account has been limited, suspended, disabled or terminated

If your account has been limited, suspended, disabled or terminated, please keep calm first (even if this action is permanent).

Then you can solve the problem by the following steps:

  1. Review their rules and policies.
  2. Review your contents, find out which content or action violates their rules or policies. (If you can’t view your contents, you can skip this step)
  3. Make a judgment. Think about ‘Did you really violate their rules or they limited, suspended, disabled or terminated your account as an error?’
  4. Go to its website or mobile app and log in to your limited, suspended or disabled account. For example, if your Twitter account has been suspended, you can log in on or its mobile app, go to your profile, you will see a red banner or pop up an unsuspend/unlimit instructions.Follow the instructions (e. g. send an appeal) to unlimit, unsuspend or enable your account.

My strict rule: Against Internet services who limit so many accounts by error

According to my rule, any Internet services (e. g. Google, Baidu, Facebook) should not suspend, limit, disable, delete or terminate my account by error, but deleting my content is allowed.

Once my server or I found an Internet service do this for so many accounts by error, I will rate a bad score on app markets (e. g. Google Play Store, App Store, Microsoft Store), and then tell to my classmates, teachers, friends and my other relationships.

Be careful! I have my automated server and strong programming ability, I can use some programming languages, such as HTML, JavaScript, C++, etc.

If you are an Internet service’s staff and you believe my bad comments in app markets are made by error, you can fell free to delete my comment or reply about I made an error, or you can send me a message.

Sending warning is very important for the first violation

Any Internet services should send warning to user and/or delete its content for the first violation. Then the service can limit, suspend, disable or terminate your account if the user continue to violate the service’s rules and policies.

Some users don’t have time to review their rules. If the service limit, suspend, disable or terminate user’s account immediately without warning for the first time, the user will be angry about this, or they will no longer to use the service. If the service send a warning to the user, the user will know the violation of its content(s) and understand the rules and policies.

Quora is going to delete contents that violate its rules or policies, this is a kind of warning.

If services suspend accounts without warning

If Internet services suspend accounts without warning, the customers will be fewer and fewer, anyone will be no longer use this service.

Customers will know the service was very bad, or the account has been suspended to stop to use the service.

What about Chinese Internet services?

Chinese Internet services are Baidu, Iqiyi, Youku, WeChat, Weibo, Dazhong Dianping, etc.

Chinese Internet services use Human Reviewing, but Internet services base on other countries usually use the automated machine to review user’s content. So Chinese Internet services seldom suspend accounts unexpectedly.

In Iqiyi or Youku (Chinese video service), all uploaded videos must be reviewed by their staff before appearing on the website. If the video has content that violates their rules or policies, it will take down your video and suspend your account immediately.

Baidu Drive is going to suspend accounts who use downloading tools (or the crack version of its app) to download Baidu Drive files faster or upload files that violate its rules or policies.

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