My schoolmates usually open a WeChat public subscription account (微信公众号) to publish their articles. But I open a website to publish my articles.

In my school’s grade 9, we need to do the community project, which can let people learn some educational things. For example, a group is called LOC, shorted by Language Optimize Community, which is going to let people to learn more about languages.

The community project teams have to publish their articles to others. So they have to open a WeChat Public Subscription Account.

A schoolmate who is in grade 8 as the same grade with me in different classes also opened a WeChat Public Subscription Account to publish her articles even if she doesn’t do the community projects. She opened her account in the 2019 winter holiday (Feb. 2019).

What about me? I opened my website and blog (, and my YouTube Channel to publish my articles and videos.

I have opened my YouTube Channel at 2018 summer holiday (Aug. 2018) and my website has been opened in the 2019 winter holiday (Feb. 2019).

They and I would like to share some articles by publishing articles on WeChat Public Subscriptions Account or personal/group website, or videos on YouTube about study, news, etc.

My schoolmate’s articles and their accounts are Chinese, but my articles, website, videos and YouTube Channel are English with a little Chinese.

I’m from China but I like English very much, and I have strong English ability. I passed Cambridge KET and PET. I usually share my English articles to foreigners in China to teach them to use Chinese things or learn more about China (especially Guangzhou). Also, I usually talk with foreigners in China to practice my English ability.

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